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Richard Castle
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RICHARD CASTLE is a mystery writer with 26 bestsellers to his credit. His most popular novels are from the Derrick Storm series, the last of them being STORM FALL, where he killed his protagonist because he'd become bored with writing him.

It was during a release party for STORM FALL where he first met Kate Beckett, the NYPD homicide detective that would become his inspiration for his new series based on the exploits of one Detective Nikki Heat. The first book in the series, HEAT WAVE, once again reached the New York Bestseller's list, while his second novel, NAKED HEAT, was soon in progress.

CANON: Castle's normal universe, taking place within the timeline of the series.

HEARTS AND MINDS: Richard comes to the village after the CASTLE Season 2 episode The Third Man. Along with a neverending quest to find the most entertaining job possible, Castle has conceived and begun writing his first ever foray into horror and speculative fiction with the Nikki Heat sequel DEAD HEAT. Eventually, he is united with daughter, Alexis, and partner Kate Beckett, and due to a mystical event in the village that shows him visions of Kate's future romance with Detective Demming, Castle and Beckett have found themselves in a romantic relationship that has done little to change their antagonistic, flirtatious working friendship.

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